Q3.DIR Location

Using win 10 - Recently upgrades to 2004 from 2002 - Now have an icon on my desktop for "Q3.DIR". When I delete it reappears after backing up. Where should I move this Icon/ file? Also noticed the same file label in my " Windows C: Program Files(x86)/ QUICKENW" folder.


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    Where is your Q data file (ends in .QDF) located?  I  suspect that Q3.DIR is "following" your data file.

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    With the upgrade to Q 2004 you've already taken a step towards modernization, but you're still on unsupported grounds, including a chance that further Windows upgrades may make it impossible to run older Quicken versions.
    You should continue upgrading Quicken to the 2013 version, which can be be done in one conversion step. A free version of Q 2013 Deluxe can be downloaded as part of the conversion process (see below).
    In preparation of the upgrade and to get rid of the Q3.DIR file on your desktop please consider this:
    • Move your Quicken data files from the \QUICKENW folder to the Windows 10 \Documents\Quicken folder. Windows 10 does not normally allow data files to be stored within a Program Files folder.
    • Check the location of your backup files. Manual Backups created by Quicken should be directed to (not floppy or CD anymore) an external USB stick, USB hard drive or networked file server. Automatic Backups created by newer versions, by default, are directed to a \Backup subfolder under the folder which contains your data files, e.g. \Documents\Quicken\Backup

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