How do add my business contact information and bank information for printing on blank voucher checks

I can't find self help on websites on invoicing and check writing. I have instant check blank paper, it will print the payee and everything I would write on the checks, but no Business logo or contact information or the bank information including the tickers. I am running home, business and rental property 2017-2022 version. version R35.31. Can I print my checks and invoices with this information on them. I didn't want to have to subscribe to yet another software in order to run the checks with this information to be included.


  • volvogirl
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    It doesn't have the bottom line for bank info and routing number?  Sorry You need preprinted checks that are "Quicken compatible". 

  • NotACPA
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    Quicken ONLY prints those parts that would, otherwise, be hand-written.  It doesn't print the name & address info and it doesn't print the MICR line ... which needs special magnetic in in any event.  MICR stands for "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition" ... and the bank's reader/sorters need that in order to read the MICR line.
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