Why are there 'doubled up transactions' and why doesn't Quicken recognize check numbers?

Since June 12 I've been having two problems. The first is this: when I download transactions from the bank I sometimes end up with two entries for the same amount from the same vendor on the same day. Why? The second problem is that recently when I download transactions from the bank quicken doesn't 'match' the downloaded item to the corresponding check number in the software and I end up with two of the same charges. Why? I run Quicken Version 6.3.3 (Build 603.41049.100) on a Mac. I've been running Quicken since it ran on DOS back in the early 1990's and I have to say that since then it's become on of the 'glitchiest' programs that I run - a very sad statement for something that was at one time a stellar performer.


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    Since you're using Quicken for Mac ...
    I guess, it's possible that Quicken can't automagically figure out what to do with a downloaded transaction. Therefore it creates an apparent duplicate. You should be able to drag the downloaded duplicate over your already existing correct register transaction to match the two together, thus resolving the apparent duplicate.
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    I'll give the drag and drop a try. Thanks for the tip. I spent quite a bit of time speaking with both a Quicken rep as well as with an IT person from the bank - both very nice people but doing what IT types do so often - point bony fingers at 'the other guy' as being the cause of the problem. The Quicken guy explained to me that I could click FITID in 'Columns' in the 'Settings' and see that, for the same duplicate transactions there were two separate bank 'identifying' numbers attached to each. When I mentioned that to the bank IT guy he watched my account as I 'downloaded' transactions and he said that only single transactions were transferred - they weren't sent twice. Going back in my 'register' to early June of this year there were a few 'doubles' but they really seemed to 'snowball' of late making me wonder if a software update had caused the problem. In the meantime I've deleted all of the 'duplicates' and have resolved the problem manually. If I have to go back to downloading transactions from the bank 'transaction by transaction' it'll be like, literally, going back to the dark ages. Again I say, there appears to be 'glitchyness' afoot.
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    WHY does the manually input check and the downloaded check transaction not match?  What's different between them.
    The Payee name doesn't matter, as it doesn't factor into the match.
    The Date doesn't matter (as long as the manual date is in the past).  Checks always clear some time after they're written.  Is the written date VERY long ago?
    Do the amounts match EXACTLY?

    Also, are your switching back and forth between download methods?  Say, between Web Connect (you originate the download at your bank's website) and a download initiated from within Q?  What is, as shown in Q, your download method?  Do TOOLS, Account List for this info.
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    The 'amounts' match exactly. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: I'll write out a check, say 5393 to a Dr's office for $153.90 (I've 'categorized' the check and added the address & etc.). A week later, I'll download the transactions and 5393 has cleared but a second entry show that same check number where I'd put the Dr's name on the original check and it show up as 'uncategorized' and the amount is $153.90. The same thing happens with direct deposits as well but in this case all of the 'facts' are the same on both. I haven't 'switched' download methods and have been using the program the same way that I've always used it since the advent of being able to 'download' transactions from the bank. As to finding 'TOOLS' on the Mac it doesn't appear in the ACCOUNT LIST. I don't know where it is in my case.
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    OK, so the bank cashes the check and sends you the "second entry" - transaction with Payee Name = "Check 5393" ... am I correct so far?
    Does the bank also send "5393" in the transaction's check number field? I suspect not.
    And that might be why Quicken doesn't automatically match the "second entry" to your manually entered check transaction. It doesn't inspect the payee name for check numbers. The bank should send it in a separate check number field as part of the downloaded data. And you have to do a manual match: drag and drop.
    If you know where on your Mac you can find the download log file and inspect it ... look from the bottom up for the amount or "5393" and you should see what fields are part of the transaction. If you can create an image snapshot of that portion of the transaction log and post it here, that would help.
    BTW, ignore the Tools / Account List response ... this part of a reply does not apply to Q Mac.
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