credit card payments showing as deposits

So I paid my Discover card, got the question " Is this the next scheduled payment to Discover Card....." I said "yes" now it shows as a deposit into the account from which it is scheduled to be paid from. This is not the first time this has occurred but at first I believed I must have done something wrong, this time I was very careful. Anyone else have this occur?


  • NotACPA
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    How are you recording that payment?  In which account?  And, in that account, the amount is in which column? And what's the "Category" in that account?
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  • leggo
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    I recorded that payment as I have always, using "Enter" either from the "Bills and Income" tab in the Manage Bills manually, either way the Enter is the same. I put in the amount due, the account from which it should be paid is already there and then I hit enter. The question from Quicken was as stated in the initial post, I answered "yes" and it wound up in the Income column.... This was the second time my Discover bill has appeared in the "income" column following payment.
  • UKR
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    Without seeing the Scheduled Reminder definitions that you are using, I can only guess.
    The easiest way, IHMO, would be to delete the reminder and redefine it as a transfer transaction in the Checking account, where you transfer from [Checking] to [Discover]. That would make sure the amount has the correct sign attached, negative in checking and positive in Discover.