How to import investment info into Quicken for Mac

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I used to use Quicken many, many years ago. But now I want to start again. My investment guy sent me all of the transaction since late 2000. But there are about 4300. Most are dividend or dividend re-investment. But I cannot enter these in bulk and I cannot figure out how to create a QFX file.

It is really pathetic that there is no way to import easily. Dividend re-investment requires 4 pieces of info (Date, Security, Total value and number of shares) so the fact Quicken does not provide a method is more than pathetic.


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    What if the type of file that your broker sent?  Q can't import transactions that are in CSV format. 
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    I have an excel file from the broker. I know Quicken cannot import CSV. The issue is why not? These transactions are not complicated.
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