Restore from Time Machine 'Write' Errors

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  • SpikeE46
    this is exactly what I need to do; however, when I try and open the .quicken file, quicken says I can not write to the data file and to change permissions. under security and preferences, full disk access and files and folders allow quicken to have access. Under the get info menu on the file, I have read/write access as well
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Try this: 

    1. Right click on the .quicken file and do Show Package Contents
    2. Select all folders and files
    3. For each file and folder in the Contents
    • Click the lock icon and unlock permission changes
    • Make sure the permission are set to read/write for you 
    • Click the ...v icon and click Apply To Enclosed Items
    4. Repeat for each file and folder in Contents
    5. Log out or restart the computer
    6. Try again and see if you have access.

    Another way to attack this is to Compress the quicken file (right click > compress), then double click the resulting .zip file to uncompress. Try to open the uncompressed file (which should be the same filename with a 1 appended). You may want to try this first.

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