How do I set up Medical Savings account linked to a Debit/credit card

My family has two different companies that provide deductions for Medical Savings Account (FSA) that are linked to a VISA or MC that we use to pay doctor and medical bills and medicine. I want to use Quicken to enter the transactions (both deductions from our salaries AND payments for services and medicine. I have done this before but the newer version is more difficult to accomplish this. Can anyone please help me make this work?


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    The approach has not changed in the newer version:
    1. Create the account register: select Tools > Add Account... 
    2. Add the deduction to the paycheck reminder to transfer the contribution to the account.
    Quicken did change the wizard used to create account register.  If the financial institution doesn't support Quicken (aka Online), then select the Offline AccountYou may use a checking account.

    If the deduction is pre-tax, set the account to be tax-deferred: open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E