Can't delete a security.

I have Premier for Windows with the most current subscription version.

Some background: Every year I do a year-end copy and only keep the current and previous year transactions. I archive the previous current data file and keep it for any record needs. I understand that investment transactions aren't deleted in this process. However, when a closed investment account falls out the bottom because the last transaction is older than that previous year, I delete the account and any securities that were unique to that account.

My problem is I have a security that was only in an account [a 401(k) type] that was deleted five years ago. For some reason I missed trying to delete it then. But when I try to now I can't. I get: "You can't delete this security because it's linked to your employee stock option or employee purchase plan stock(s). To delete this security, delete linked stock(s) first." The security was not associated with a stock option nor employee purchase plan.

I have tried Validating and Super Validating with no luck.

Right now my options appear to be recreating the data file or hiding and living with it. I don't want to do either (the first option for obvious reasons, and the second because if this is wrong, what else could be going on). But I will have to live with it until I have a better reason to recreate the file unless someone has a solution.

Thanks in advance!


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    My take on the Year end Copy is that it is an artifact of times when we did backups on floppy disks.

    Issues with Year end copies are that you can't do multi year comparisons, and if you want to review an old data file, you run the risk that Quicken's data file format may have changed.
    My data file goes back to 1999, when I first started using Quicken, and I have never closed any accounts or deleted accounts or securities. I simply hide the items that are no longer in use. My data file is about 150 MB, with no problems.

    I suggest you stop doing the year end copies and simply hide the unused security.
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