How would you handle this transaction situation?

Assume I have 2 mutual funds with the same firm. At the end of the quarter, they both issue a dividend. I ensure the transactions come down as a DivX, and I use my bank account as the transfer account for the 2-DivX transactions, as they are set up with the firm to ACH to my bank account. So, my bank account now has 2 transactions for the dividends, one from each fund. However, the firm sends the ACH to the bank as one transaction, not two - summing the two dividends. I accept that transaction, which means I have the dividends now counted twice.

So what I do, is just delete the summed transaction that came down, and manually mark the two DivX transfer transactions as cleared. My reasoning is, if I delete the two transfer transactions, I mess up the DivX transactions in each fund.

Is that how you would handle it, or would you do something else? Thanks! 


  • q_lurker
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    That is how I would handle it. 
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    In the bank account's Downloaded Transactions tab, you can click on the "edit" button button and select "match manually" and select the two transactions to add up to the correct total.  Quicken will then turn the two transactions into a single split transaction with two split lines with appropriate ties back to the transactions in the investment accounts.
    Not quite as quick and easy as your alternative, but it does retain the consistency in the bank account records of one transaction/ one entry.

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  • Don Awalt
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    @splasher that's what I was wondering if something like that existed. I like that, thanks! I never like deleting cleared downloads...