Has anyone had a problem with Fidelity updates like the one described below?

For several years, I have found that the closing price downloaded into Quicken for Fidelity S&P 500 mutual fund shares for the day immediately preceding weekends and holidays is substantially discounted from the one reported on Fidelity's website (e.g., 40%). Also, a contrary discrepancy occurs for the Fidelity Intermediate Gov Bond fund (downloaded price is about $10 above price on Fidelity website). All other mutual fund shares show the same updated prices in Quicken and Fidelity website, and no discrepancies occur on non-holiday weekdays.


  • NotACPA
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    What ticker symbols are you using for the 2 funds that you cite?
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  • GSQ1997
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    Yes, I see there is a discrepancy between the ticker symbols for the cited funds in Quicken and Fidelity. But why would this create a problem only on weekends and holidays?
  • GSQ1997
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    I changed the symbols in Quicken to correspond to the Fidelity symbols and it did fix the price discrepancies. Thanks.