Loan is Paid Off - History No Longer Available

I see that there are several discussion on a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) being "paid off" and how Quicken then shows nothing but that message on the account. Q just started doing that with mine and does not show any history. It is not technically paid off because I used it last month and have a small interest charge on it due this month. How do I retrieve the history and regain the ability to enter interest charges? I transfer the interest charges from checking and Q won't even let me see the transfer OR RECONCILE the account.

When I open a backup file from one month ago, all the history is there. I'd be satisfied if I could transfer all the history to the current file but, alas, I can't figure out how to do that.

I saw in previous posts that a HELOC should be classified as a credit account to allow it to be paid off and subsequently re-used, so I changed it accordingly but that did not resolve the problem. Q still shows nothing but "Loan Paid Off" on the account.


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    Hi @Randy Schmidt,

    If you've been a community member for a while you may have seen this before, but if not, most of the folks who post comments and answer questions here recommend that users not "connect" their loan accounts for online downloads.  The primary reason is that a "connected loan" does not have an account register, so if there are issues and/or errors in the account it is impossible to fix them.  While not originally of that same view, I joined that camp a while ago because loan accounts are one of the most uncomplicated types of accounts to manage in Quicken and the risk (of having an error and not being able to change or modify any entry in the account wasn't worth the potential advantages.

    All that being said - take a look at this thread LINK.  It gives step-by-step instructions on how to move from the "connected loan" to a manual one. 

    I would recommend that you try to convert your loan to a manual loan account, however I have used the word "try" because I cannot remember now whether a loan account that has been "paid off" or 'closed" can be converted.  If you decide to try this, make sure you have a good backup before you start.

    Let me know how you make out.


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  • In only the last two weeks Quicken started treating a Home Equity Line of Credit as a loan that is paid off. The account page shows nothing except "This Loan is Paid Off". The history is gone. I can only recover a portion of it from a backup. I cannot deactivate it because it has red flag, indicating there are transactions to accept/reconcile. I cannot reset it for the same reason. When I try to reconcile, it says there are no transactions to view. Catch 22.

    From other posts I got the idea to change the category from Property and Debt to a Credit Card (which it's not). That did not correct anything. I've been on the phone with Q support twice for long periods of time and was told it's due to a code that my bank is sending to Quicken. It's not. My bank did not change its coding and they proved it to me with a snip of the actual codes that were sent to Q.
  • I changed the HELOC to a credit card from a Property and Debt classification. It didn't matter. Quicken still shows it as paid off and I can't see any of the FIFTEEN YEARS of history on this account.