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Why the annual subscription?

Frank Talarico
Frank Talarico Member ✭✭
It was bad enough that I was forced to "renew" my Quicken software every three years, to continue connecting to financial institutions. Now it is every year; and to boot, more than twice the cost of the prior three year "plan". [Removed-Disruptive].


  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Look at the price of the subscription as a weekly expense, isn't your time worth more than that?  Think about how much time you would be spending if you had to enter everything manually.
    It is either worth it or it isn't. 
    If it isn't, then find something else to use, something tells me that you won't be happy.

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  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I have all my financial info on Quicken Deluxe - banking, CC, investment, IRA retirement, etc -
    and it is well worth spending the $5.00/month to keep all that data and be able to work with it.
    If you are only using it for limited accounts - like just a checking acct - then it's probably not worth it -
    Maybe look at the monthly online Quicken product called - Simplifi - 
    SO.... comparing Quicken Deluxe at $5.00 a month -
    how does that compare to any of your other monthly "optional" services...
    Cable TV, Internet, Cellphone, Netflix, Disney, Sbux, McD

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