QFX Importing Protocol - Chase Bank Date Range Function Removed


I did search the forums for an answer but didn't find one so I humbly come to ask for some input.

Chase Bank used to allow downloading QFX files with a specific Date Range. This allowed me to download and archive my data by each month - which was very helpful in importing and in the event I needed to reconstruct my Quicken. They no longer allow this and only allow a download of 1 QFX file that goes back 2 years. So my question...

If I do this, and import the data from the large QFX file, will it overwrite or double enter my previous entries (which are all sorted and tagged with custom categories?

Are there any other Chase Bank people here that have a solid way of getting your data into Quicken?

I liked having the control of doing it 1 month at a time, but I guess maybe it's time to change with the times.

Thanks in advance for any help or input.


  • Chris_QPW
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    You shouldn't get any duplicates as long as you stick with one connection type like Web Connect/QFX.  Each transaction has an unique Id, Quicken stores these unique Ids in the account when downloading and if it sees the same unique Id again it ignores the transaction.

    Whether you will get duplicate transactions when switching between different connection methods like Direct Connect/Express Web Connect/Web Connect just depends on who is generating the unique Id and if they keep them the same.

    Note Chase supports Direct Connect for free, which is what I believe most Chase customers are using.
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