best way to help elderly parent with bills

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What is the best way to be able to reconcile remotely? I set my father up on Quicken about five years ago and he has been following written directions I have for him to enter transactions and reconcile his accounts. He is still capable of entering transactions, but lately has been having issues reconciling and troubleshooting anything that goes wrong. We live in different states, but I would like to just be able to reconcile his accounts so that he can then pay his bills and write checks. He is good at following directions, but any troubleshooting is now too difficult and very stressful for him. Right now I am helping him over Facetime, which is rather challenging and time consuming. What is a better way to accomplish helping him without having to take over his finances, which isn't necessary at this time?


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    This is outside of the Quicken's product related inquiry and I hope Quicken team does not mind me answering this to help a community member.  I suggest that you look into remote desktop programs where you can connect to their PC as if you are sitting right there.  The one I personally use is called TeamViewer.
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    I would normally recommend TeamViewer as well.  

    The problem is ... the user is in a different state than her father. would she be able to download the TeamViewer software on HIS PC if she doesn't have any access to it?

    And once it's installed, who's going to turn it on and off when needed?  I'm sure she nor her father want him to have remote access available 24/7 on his PC.  

    It's a very difficult situation when our parents aren't able to take care of themselves and need our outside assistance.  

    In this case, being able to reconcile accounts via Quicken On The Web would be a welcome feature.  Unfortunately, that's currently not available.  
  • Would it be possible for me to flip it? Could I keep his accounts on my computer for the reconciliation and him use the On The Web online version? Does the online version allow him to pay bills?
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     Does the online version allow him to pay bills?
    No it doesn't support that.

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    One thought is to have him pay his bills using whatever bill paying system his financial institution provides.
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