Asset Allocation Discrepancies

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  • Michael Zierdt
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    I clicked on Asset Allocation, right click, Copy to Clipboard, went to Excel and did a Paste (Keep Text Only) and looked at the data and individual "TOTALS" / Balance amounts for each Class are correct and match the TOTAL on the Allocation Graph but the "TOTAL Investments" Balance amount on the last line is higher than the amount I get when I click on the individual Total cells. When I Ctrl Click on the individual TOTALS" the amount is correct for COST BASIS but not for GAIN/LOSS is off the same amount as BALANCE. 
    When in Quicken a Show Report also has the incorrect Total Investments amount.

  • Sherlock
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    For what it's worth, when we view the Asset Allocation report and graph, there is a $0.24 difference in the totals which appears to be due to rounding off errors.  The sum of the subtotals in the graph is correct and the subtotals in the report match the graph.  The rounding error becomes apparent when we attempt to verify the subtotals in the report. 

    For example, in the image you provided:

  • q_lurker
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    I don't know why you are having a $2000+ difference in your numbers.  Mine differ by $0.11.  

    I would approach this by a process of elimination.  If that is the asset allocation for all accounts, see if you can narrow down the discrepancy to one account.  You can also perhaps narrow it down to one security. then down to a more specific time frame.  If that is for today, what about a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago?  Did the numbers ever agree? 

    You should be able to find something to associate to the problem.