Some transaction are not showing up in my Categories Report (Q Mac)

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I've created a categories report and I've found some missing transactions. The transactions are in my credit card account and should be expenses in the report. I've double checked that the report includes the right date range, the credit card account, and the category. However when I run the report some transactions are missing. This makes me question if any of the reports are right and if I am underestimating my spend. I've tried to recreate the report multiple times and it's still missing transactions. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?


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    I finally found an answer from another post in the community ... these transactions were "stealth transfers" I enabled the transfer column and they were marked as transfer error or something. I deleted the content in the transfer column and now the transactions show up.
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    There's no such thing as a "stealth transfer". If you want a transaction to be a transfer of funds between account, it should not have a category; if you want a transaction to be income or expense, it should not have anything in the transfer field. Quicken blocks you from having a category and transfer in some sequences but not others, but the product manager has said they will close this loophole in the future. 

    If you want a transfer to show up in a report, then instead of adding a category to it, you should click on the Advanced tab of the report set-up to enable one of the transfer options. Normally, you don't want transfers to show up in a report. For instance, when you pay a credit card bill, the payment is a transfer from checking to the credit card account. But all the transactions in the credit card account have already categorized all your expenses, so if you counted the card payment as an expense, your expenses would be double-counted.

    However, there are times where you do want to make certain transfer show up in a report. For example, if you're paying off a loan, the payment of loan principle is not an expense -- it's a transfer of money from your checking account to the loan liability account -- but that loan payment feels like an expense from a cash flow standpoint. So if you want to see that transfer in an expense report, you could enable the report to show transfers to accounts outside the report, and not include the loan account in the accounts in the report; then you'd see the loan payment under a Transfers heading.
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    Thanks ... yes I understand how transfers work in reports. In this case there was an issue when my credit card downloaded transaction. These we all expenses not transfer. However the download caused and error and there was information added to the transfer column. I couldn't see that the download added data to the transfer column because the column was hidden in my transaction history. When I exposed the column I saw the red error mark and I think it said unidentified transfer. So I delete the content in the transfer column and my expense showed up in the report in the right category. Another user had this issue and the person that provided them with the solve called then 'stealth transfers' I think it was just their name for the download error. Anyway it worked for me and now all my expenses are showing up in my category report.
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