How to transfer shares between IRAs

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I've combined the holdings in two Traditional IRA accounts into a single one and need to transfer some shares from one to the other. The XfrShrs option is not listed as an allowed transaction. It is for standard brokerage accounts. I suspect using Remove and Add would lose all the transaction data from the moved shares. Is there a way to trick Quicken into allowing XfrShrs? E,g, temporarily changing the account type?


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    In that IRA account, click "Enter Transactions" just below the account name, and scroll almost to the bottom of the action list to find "Shares Transferred between accounts'.
    That transaction is available in my Rollover IRA account. 
    If it's not available in your IRA,  What Q product are you running and what BUILD of that product?  This info is at HELP, About Quicken.
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    "Shares transferred between Accounts" should be available to retirement accounts as well as brokerage accounts -- in the Windows programs through the Enter Transactions button.  (XfrShrs may be a Mac program action?)  
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    And see if either account is listed as a Single Mutual Fund account.   That can limit it.   If it is a SMF you should be able to edit the account and change it. There might be a yes or no box for Single Mutual Fund.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I was looking at the list of transactions available in the drop-down on the line for direct entry into the list of transactions instead of the list provided by Enter Transactions.
    To get the shares transferred to appear in the Holdings lists, I had to select Enter for the Removed and Added transactions in the two accounts.
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    Agree with OP. With Vanguard forcing a transition into their brokerage accounts I'm rolling over several different account types today. The non-retirement account had "shares transferred between accounts" as an option right on the entry line. It did not appear in the dropdown for the IRA list, however. But once I got the full menu to pop up of options, requiring hitting 'edit' on a different transaction type, it appeared and I could choose the options I wanted. I think it's likely a Quicken shortcoming that it's not in the register's dropdown list.

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