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I have always input my transactions manually. I am interested in beginning to have them downloaded automatically, but don't want the bank to go back to the beginning of our business and download everything. Is there a way to put a start date with the bank? on my Quicken?

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    How far back the first download is, is up to the financial institution.  The typical timeframe is 90 days.
    You can't control this.  Here is some tips on dealing with it.
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    Hi @cmhackwell,

    While there is no way to "put a start date" with the bank or banks on whet will download if you "connect your accounts in Quicken, you DO have ultimate control over what happens to the data that is downloaded.

    The data does not have to go directly into your accounts without your "approving" what is acceptable.  While the tiimeframe of downloaded data can vary from financial institution to financial institution, you will always be able to control what actually gets added to your Quicken accounts.


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    thanks very much. that helps