Quicken (Mac) for Home & Business is there a Profit & Loss form?

I have Quicken for Mac for Home & Business. Does anyone know where I can find a profit and loss form in quicken?
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    First, let me clarify that you don't actually have "Quicken Mac Home & Business", because there is no such software. What you have is apparently a Quicken Home & Business subscription. But there is absolutely no difference in the software between a Quicken Premier subscription and a Quicken Home & Business subscription. If you are also using Quicken Windows Home & Business, then your subscription may make sense. If you're using only Quicken Mac, you're wasting money paying for a Home & Business subscription. (If you just bought it, Quicken Support may be able to downgrade you to Premier and refund part of your purchase price; if you've been using it this way for some time, then at your next renewal, reach out to Quicken Support to downgrade to a Premier subscription.)

    I'd also note that currently, there is also no software difference for Quicken Mac users between Deluxe and Premier, either; the only difference there is two services -- free Bill Manager payments and priority access to phone support. (This might change in the future if they add some investment functionality only available two Premier users, but at this time, there is no difference.)

    Having clarified that, there is no pre-built report called Profit and Loss. However, a Category Summary by Year is the functional equivalent of a Profit & Loss statement: All your income by category, all your expenses by category, and a bottom line total. Use Category Summary by Year (or Category Comparison by Year if you want to show current yer versus prior year), title the report Profit & Loss or Income Statement, and you're all set.
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