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Hi - I have a loan account, and I went on vacation for a few weeks (carrying a laptop with the current quicken file) --- wehen I got home and moved the file back to my desktop, my loan account says "This loan is paid off" -- I cannot see any transactions, and of course the bank still shows me owing $17k or thereabouts...

Any suggestions as to how to "un pay-off" the loan, short of deleting the account and re-adding it?? The transactions that have already occurred are important to me, as this was a home improvement loan and I want to track the intrest paid... (I just don't understand why I cannot see the transactions, even if the loan WERE paid off....)


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    Hi @ James Vandeveer,

    Was this loan a "connected loan" - that is, were you able to download transactions and update the balance through an online connection?


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