Account update occurs without providing vault password

I've submitted this using the "Report a problem" function in Quicken, but wanted to see if any of you are experiencing this as well.

All one-step update passwords for my accounts are secured in the password vault. When I startup Quicken, I'm prompted for the vault password and then all my accounts update as expected. However, sometimes when I first start Quicken, I press ESC twice to dismiss the vault password prompt and then dismiss the one-step update dialog because I don't want to update at that time. While still in Quicken, I can then select one of my accounts and select to update that account only. I'm NOT prompted for the vault password and the update occurs successfully. Understand, at this point I have NOT given Quicken the vault password but it appears to update the selected account anyway which, to my understanding, would require the username/password that's encrypted in the vault.