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A Very Disappoint APP

CUITCNY Member ✭✭✭
I have been using Quicken for more than 20 years and think the current Quicken for MAC is an exceptional product that can do so many things. The APP is an embarrassment, I am very sorry to say. After resting more than 50 times, I finally got to the point where on the WEB the Mobile app shows investments and transactions. After all this work, on the. iPad, where I really need the APP, no transactions and no investments visible.

I suspect the Quicken team works very hard; I can tell from their replies to this complaint and that complaint. After man years of always something not working in Web Connect or Direct Connect, now, almost all my accounts auto download extremely well.

But the APP, wow! Not really sure how to express how bad it is without being disrespectful.

P.S. Most of the time I get error messages that I cannot access Quicken iCloud when updating or resetting.


    CUITCNY Member ✭✭✭
    Has anyone come across a solution to NO Transactions showing up on iPAD and NO Investment Accounts showing up in iPad but do on Mobile Web Access?
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