Is quicken for mac different from quicken for pc

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:D I need help


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    Yes, it's different in many ways. Some large and some small. Some better, some worse, some missing. Some neither better nor worse, just different. 

    We all use Quicken differently, so something that's missing or different may be a Big Deal for one user and no issue at all for another, and vice versa. No one here can tell you whether you will have any issues adapting to Quicken Mac until you try it for yourself. (But if you have any questions about specific features, feel free to ask.)

    Also, if you try Quicken Mac, Quicken offers a free one-hour phone and on-screen orientation/help session/tour with one of their support representatives to try to get you oriented to Quicken Mac and answer any getting-started questions you have. They call this their 1-2-3 program, and you can sign up for a date and time of your preference here. You should have Quicken Mac installed in a Mac before you set up this call. 
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