Tracking 401k where statement only provides asset class vs specific stocks

I have setup a 401k account and have setup a paycheck where it enters deposits into the account. It was initially setup with Vanguard 2060 Target Fund but the employer indicated that fund would not match because of internal accounting. Recently, we changed the allocation to incorporate Large Cap and Small Cap Assets.

The statement reads:
Asset Class Target Date Large Cap Small Cap Total
Opening Balance $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx
Contribution $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx
Earnings, including market value adjustment $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx
Expense $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx
Closing Balance $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx
Closing Units xxx.xx xxx.xx xxx.xx xxx.xx
Price (NAV) Per Unit $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx $xxx.xx

How can I setup this account in quicken and track it so it matches the statement?


  • Sherlock
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    You could create and use three pseudo securities.  One would represent Target Date, another Large Cap, and the third would represent Small Cap.  

    In one approach, each security could a have fixed price of $1.  The contributions would be used to purchase shares.  The expenses used to sell shares.  The earnings would be share balance adjustments.  

    In another approach, you would enter the statement's closing unit balance adjustments along with the unit price adjustments and zero out the contributions.

    The former approach is a bit more work but would allow you to track the performance of the pseudo securities a bit better.
  • jdmaertz13
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    Thank you for your input. It was setup with just a target fund and then a couple of years later, large cap and small cap funds were added.
    I recall from a previous experience where the money was entered into the 401k and then allocated every three months per a statement based on the distribution.
    I will setup with 3 fake securities with a $1 value per share and then update it with the current pricing.
    Thank you!