Setting up Personal Loan in Quicken to Business Loan in QuickBooks

o:) This has been asked before but I'm just now following.
I have just downloaded and installed this software to keep my business and personal accounts completely separated; however, my husband and I have loaned our (s-corp) business money over this past year to help make payroll for our employees. As the business starts making money, we expect to be paid back - interest free of course. So I need to know step by step how to set up the Loan in Windows 10 Enterprise. I'm definitely hitting a mental block on this one and would appreciate some hand holding. Thank you!!!


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    Create an Asset account.  You will most likely want to change the opening balance to show a transfer from you checking account to this account's opening balance.

    Once that is done select the gear icon in the upper right of the register and select "Convert to Lender Loan..."
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