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My mortgage recently got sold to an outfit called "The Money Source" ( So I called their customer support line and asked "Does TMS support transaction download into Quicken?"

Crickets... "Um. What is that, some kind of computer program?"

"It's personal financial management software. It's been around for 20+ years. I've used it since 1994..."

"Uh, no. We don't support that."

So I'm refinancing the mortgage with WellsFargo - just because I refuse to deal with this nonsense.


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    Just because a mortgage servicer does not support with Quicken does not mean that you cannot use Quicken to track your mortgage and its payments.
    Simply set up the mortgage as an "offline" (or "manual") account, enter all the payment details and let Quicken set up the account for you. While doing that, also let Quicken set up the Scheduled Reminder for the monthly payment transaction as a transfer from the checking account.
    When it's time to make your monthly payment (or a few days early), record the reminder into your register. This will give you the correct Split details for principal, interest, optional additional principal and escrow withholdings. The principal amounts will reduce the loan balance.
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    It's ill-advised to download into a mortgage account anyway. Doing so will remove ALL ability that you'd otherwise have to manage the account.
    ONLY the mortgage principal payment will download.  Not the interest component nor any Escrow amounts.  AND, you won't be able to access the loan account register.  ONLY the download will be able to record any transactions to the account.
    MUCH better option is to follow @UKR's advice.
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