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QMac 6.4.2

Since the latest update, entering security prices manually seems to take longer for the "Done" part of the process.

I have ten securities I have to update prices manually, due to non-publicly traded funds.  No problem with this in the past.

The workflow is to select the security from the Securities window, manually enter the price, select Add and then select Done.

Since the 6.4.2 update, it now takes longer for the "Done" part of the process to finish.  Not terribly long, but what once used to take less than a second now takes 4-5 seconds for the process to finish for each of the ten securities. 

I have manual entered daily prices for about 4 years now, so figure maybe 1500 entries per each of the ten securities.  About 15,000 total?  Also have a few dozen securities that do get their prices updated during the normal One Step Update process.  

I'm not sure if this is a Quicken Mac update issue, where the latest update somehow slowed down the manual entry process, or whether its the total number of entries I have.  I don't have that many total securities.

I certainly don't want this to get any slower than it is...and I'm hoping others may see this issue, report it to Quicken and see if they can find any difference between releases.  

Anyone else seeing this behavior since the 6.4.2 update?

Thanks in advance for any responses. 


  • garysmith87
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    Resolved the problem...

    Turns out I had a wayward report lurking in the background with Quicken Mac.  Once I closed the report window, my performance returned to normal.

    Note to self (and others)...click on "Bring All To Front" to check on any reports that somehow never were closed out and were remaining "behind the scenes". 
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    @garysmith87. I was just going to recommend looking for open reports begin the main screen! Glad you figured it out and it resolved the problem. 

    I think Quicken Mac needs some feature to make it more apparent there are hidden windows open behind the main window, especially when you quit and re-launch and have no recollection that you previously opened a report which remains open in the background.  I've had this bite me a number of times, but I don't alway think to look at the Windows menu to see if there are open windows in the background. 
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  • garysmith87
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    I probably opened and closed Quicken Mac over a dozen times...and never saw the wayward report in the background.  I don't even know what made me minimize the Quicken Mac main screen...but lo and behold, there is was when I did.  

    Since then, the portfolio prices add just as before.

    I agree though, that there should be some warning that there are other windows open when you go to exit Quicken Mac.  Or a setting that automatically closes all windows when you exit.  

    Maybe in time. 
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