Multi Currency Investment Accounts

I understand that I cannot put investments denominated in multiple currencies (eg. US stocks and Canadian stocks) into the same Canadian domiciled investment account. I have a workaround but it's ugly.

If I am wrong on that, impediment I would appreciate a correction. Otherwise, I ask that the Quicken folks give consideration to adding this capacity in their next update. I assume that they monitor this forum thus, in the absence of another request channel, I am making my request here. I also assume that many Canadian investors have the same need.



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    In general the way you make suggestions here is by selecting New Post -> New Idea on the Home page.  Idea thread have a voting box at the top that Quicken Inc can use to judge the amount of users that would like the feature.

    On the multiple currency in a given account, you are correct that there can only be one currency per account.

    My personal opinion is that they will never implement such a feature.  Right now any give account has a set of amounts, that are stored just as "numbers" in the database.  If each of those "numbers" has to now have a "currency" then they have to treat each number like they have to treat securities right now where there are the two parts to every number.  This would be a major change to the way Quicken would work and store data.  And it probably would have a major impact on the performance.
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