Dropped transaction(s)

I use Q for windows and manage 1 bank act and 6 credit card accounts. My bank account is managed as a zero balance account meaning I download my 4 credits each month and disburse them to about 10 sub accounts within Quicken. For example, say I received $4000 on Tuesday, I then disbursed this money into the 10 sub accounts, using a memorized transaction, resulting in a zero balance in my banking account and increases in my sub accounts.

I can then add the balances of all of these sub accounts together and this should equal my online bank balance. It always has since 2013. Suddenly I am long in Quicken by $560. I went back 18 months with bank statements and I’m off the same amount. Strangely, I was balanced about 10 days ago. But not now. A search for this amount did not help.

Sometime Quicken dropped, lost, deleted at least one, or more, transactions.



  • Tom Young
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    As to finding where things went wrong it seems like you have no choice but to continue to work back in time and try to identify when things went wrong. 
    As opposed to working backwards a month at a time you might try leaping backwards in larger chunks - like a year say - so that when you find that the dollars agree you know that the error occurred in "that year", then jump forward and backwards in smaller "half chunks" to identify the (hopefully only one) month/week/day that the damage happened.  It can be faster that way.
    This problem might be a Quicken problem of some sort or it might just be an errant click of the mouse on your part.  To increase the odds of the latter error not happening I'd suggest password protecting "past transactions" (File > Set Password to modify transactions...) at the end of each month.
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    Thank you for your input. After 3 weeks I found the errors. Quicken, apparently after the last update, decided to duplicate 8 monthly transaction in May-Dec 2019. Each was $70 so my $560 error was a collection of 8 duplicate transactions. This duplication took place in the last 2 weeks or so. This was a bugger to find and I ended up using a bank report from a backup copy at 12/31/2020 and comparing it was the current bank report from today. It showed one account off by $560. I then exported all transactions on the one account to an Excel file and did the same for the current file. Upon comparing them it was evident where the error occurred. Somehow, Quicken looked back and decided - on it's own - to duplicate 8 transactions in 2019. After deleting these, I was right on the money. Crazy. I probably have 20 hours invested in finding these errors. As a retired banker, I knew I didn't screw up - too many ways to cross check.