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Peter Marino
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When I try to send an issue with Bank Bill Pay to my First Horizon Account, Quicken doesn't even try and immediately tells me that First Horizon doesn't support Bank Bill Pay. I have been using it for years and this just started in the last few days. The Account Settings shows that Bank Bill Pay is enabled, even though Quicken says it isn't supported. I need this fixed to be able to pay my bills.


  • jacobs
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    @Peter Marino Either there's some temporary outage with First Horizon's interface for Quicken, or there's some larger problem. In any case, if you've waited a day or two and the problem persists, you should contact Quicken Support. (This site is primarily a user-to-user support site, so issues like this are unlikely to be solved here.)

    Quicken Support may know if there's a known issue with this financial institution, and it not, they can collect logs from your Quicken to pass to their connectivity services provider. If this doesn't end up being a short-term glitch which is resolved in the next day or two, you should plan for whatever bills you have upcoming in the near future and pay them by logging into First Horizon to do so, so the payees' own websites. (That is, don't rely on Quicken of First Horizon to fix whatever is currently broken in time to pay your bills via Quicken; be proactive to make sure your bills are paid another way until the problem is resolved.
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