If I renew do I have to use the new dashboard

I won't renew if I can't keep my old dashboard


  • I was going to upgrade, but won't renew if I have to change dashboards
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    EDIT for typo, and more information.

    At least at this point the new Dashboard isn't forced on anyone.  Maybe it will replace the old one eventually, but if that is going to happen they have a long ways to go.

    Note that renewing your subscription really just ensures that you keep getting new versions, and support for online services, and customer support, it doesn't make you a "new user" or something like that which changes what versions you get.

    When the new Dashboard came out it was forced on Starter editions by mistake, but they corrected that in a later patch.
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    I don't know about the new dashboard feature with respect to expired versions or perhaps functional limitations in the Starter Edition, but in my unexpired HB&R version, I can choose to
    • disable the new dashboard (see picture below) using the gear icon in the Home page view, if I so desire (click the gear icon and then use the Dashboard slider button in the popup view)
    • still use the old Home page views
    • still control the view page that Quicken starts on: Edit / Preferences / Startup / On Startup open to: [...]

  • Thank you, these comments help