How to change *my* address for on-line created checks?

Changed my address 10 months ago. The bank has my new address, my Quicken profile has my new address, but my online checks still have my old address. I can't seem to find any place to update that address. Any suggestions?


  • UKR
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    In Quicken, have you looked at this?
    Select the gear icon in the Bills, Income & Transfers view, then click Payment Accounts. Scroll down to the account which is enabled for Check Pay, select it, then select Edit. Check / Update the address found there.
  • Allen Roberts
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    Thank you for the suggestion, but the checks are not generated by Bill Manager, so unfortunately there is nothing there to change. The checks are generated in Online Center. In the old days it was a company CheckFree that actually mailed the checks. I did spend 40 minutes on the phone with my bank. They seemed to think they solved the problem. I'll see if future checks have the correct address. No idea why it took 40 minutes.
  • Chris_QPW
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    In general, when you are using Direct Connect/Bill Pay with your financial institution, Quicken is really just acting as a "GUI" to the financial institution's bill paying system.  As such I would expect to be able to change such information that their website.
    This is my website:
  • Allen Roberts
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    Thank you for your comment.. yes that seems like the way it works.. but getting to the bottom of it was difficult for me (there is nothing in the documentation) and difficult for the bank (took them 40 minutes).
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