Monthly Statement Reconciled Balance is Changing

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Good afternoon,

I have been using Quicken since 2004, and I have never had as much trouble with the program as I have since May 2021.

In April 2021, I purchased and upgraded to the Windows 10 Home - I do this every three years like clock-work. I download my transactions and match them to what transactions have cleared in my register. When I receive my monthly statement from my bank, I reconcile; however, since May, I have had to do a balance adjustment. At first I thought I was doing something wrong - as May's balance adjustment was only $1; however, this past month it was over $200. When I looked at my "prior balance", I noticed that it was that same amount different. So, my transactions are not wrong, but my prior balance is.

On October 19th, I reconciled my account. I notated on the bank statement that the prior balance matched exactly what my bank stated I had (and yes, I have always selected Use Paper Statement - again, I have been doing this since Dec 2004). However, this morning I open up my Quicken and I noticed my account is in the negative (according only to Quicken). I click to reconcile my account (just to see what the "Prior balance" states - and It is $844 less - exactly what my account is off. When I go in and change the Prior balance to match what it should (and did on the 19th), I see "Opening Balance Difference" - Cleared Balance, Statement Ending Balance and Difference. I dont' want to see "opening Balance Difference" because on the 19th - when I had my Quicken up and running last, there was NO difference.

I cannot help but see the correlation between me upgrading to 10 Home and this new problem that I am clearly having on a monthly basis. What has changed and more importantly, how can it be fixed?

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    If the reconciled opening balance has changed, a reconciled transaction has been added, modified, or deleted.  To determine the source of the change, I suggest you compare the running balance of the account register in the current Quicken file with the running balance of the account register from a Quicken file backup saved when the account was last reconciled.  One way to accomplish this is to print the registers to text files.
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    okay - I will try that, but since I haven't opened up my quicken since October 19th - I don't see how a transaction was added
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    I am having this same issue for about a year as well and I like you I have taken the time to think about what the issues is.
    I have online Quicken but am still on 10 version R40.21
    I have been using Quicken since 1993 or 94.

    There are several of us saying the same thing but Quicken instead of listening to us and fixing the problem is gas lighting us and trying to make it our fault. I am confident that this is not my fault.

    1. I enter my entries manually, always have, I prefer my accounts clean and I don't like all of the information Quicken imports.
    2. For several months I made sure my reconciliation was correct (of course) at the end of the month.
    3. I have gone in mid month and reconciled my account to the current bank balance and don't have the same problem.
    a. it seems to have something to do with the amount of transactions I enter.
    b. the only accounts I have this problem with have a lot of entries.
    c. For some off reason I have noticed that memorized transaction multiply after reconciliation.
    - for example I have noticed that memorized transactions such as past paychecks have multiplied in my checking account but don't change the balance to the register.
    - it does cause issues with the linked accounts
    - it does cause balance issues if I delete that duplicate entry that is bogus.
    d. I will do a search for the amount that is off on my account.
    -quite often it is easy to find the issue and finish my recon. to my account.
    -It is frustrating how much time trying to fix the problem than I spend entering transactions and recon my accounts.

    Please quicken acknowledge the issue and fix this bug.
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