Spawning several accounts from one account!

I've been using Quicken for some years now for personal as well as rental property management, yet I am hardly scratching the surface and continue to be encouraged by its rich functionality and further potential. I now find myself with this challenge (among others); that is… some years ago I had a brokerage account, where subsequently I would open additional accounts that held various other securities (including certificates of deposit) often funded from the primary account. I took the lazy way and kept them all under the one original account name but now find it cumbersome for reporting and audit purposes. Also moving funds in/out to some of these “phantom” accounts, that really reside under the one original account. I feel I'd be better served by separating out the lower-level accounts, including the history. I'm looking for any good recommendations on strategies to how to approach this and would welcome any thoughtful response. With many thanks.


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    Did you use different securities to track the given "accounts"/CDs?

    If you did you should be able to move a set of transactions tied to that security using the new "Move Transactions" menu item that was added to Quicken a while ago.

    You will find it in the gear icon menu in the upper right of the register.

    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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