How come when I sold shares from an investment the Share Balance went skyrocketing?

I thought if I Sold the last share balance the Share Balance would drop to zero. It did increase the Cash Balance like I expected. The Share Balance was 5000 and I sold 5000 so I thought it would go to 0 but it went to 50000. Why?


  • fschmid
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    I got the last share balance (5000) from the last transaction which was a Removal.
  • Jim_Harman
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    First, let's make sure there are no hidden Placeholder transactions in the account. Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing transactions mand make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked. Is there a Placeholder in the account for that security before the sale?

    Then click on Holdings in the account and set the As date to just before the sale. From what you have said, there should be 5,000 shares of the security in question. Then there is a Sold transaction for 5,000 shares so you would expect the share balance to go to zero and the security to disappear from the Holdings. But if you set the As of date to after the transaction there are 50,000 shares?

    That doesn't sound right, please clarify if I am missing something.

    Maybe doing a File > Validate and Repair would fix it. Please let us know.

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  • fschmid
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    When I change the As of: date the Shares amount does not drop but stays the same. Sorry, I was looking at the Market Value which increased. I must have accidently changed the Quote/Price. Why didn't the Share not drop?
    All I want to do is remove all my shares from all the investments for this account to make it not show on my Portfolio. When I downloaded the transaction from my Financial institution all it did was Withdraw transaction which left a very large negative Cash Balance. When I Sold all the Shares from the investment it zeroed out the Cash Balance but it looks like it did not remove the Shares. I noticed on this same day before I did anything there were a lot of Removed transactions from this investment and the Shares did go down after each Removed transaction. Is this how I would remove all my shares from these investments so this account would be closed out?