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  • cumminj
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    I have been using Quicken Windows Premier since Microsoft Money was pulled from the market. Been thinking of moving to the new Mac Pro. Will I be disappointed by rolling from Windows version to Mac version? Are they equal in features or one lacking the other in features? Does the database need to be converted?
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    @cumminj That's a very difficult, nearly impossible question to answer. In short...
    • yes, Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac are different
    • yes, there is a converter to move data from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac
    • no, they are not equal in features
    Would you be disappointed moving to Quicken Mac? Well, there's no way to answer that, because we all use Quicken differently and rely on different features. Many thousands of former Quicken Windows users have made the switch and are happy. On the other hand, some Quicken Windows users have held off converting because of missing features in the Mac version.

    There are literally hundreds of posts on this site about the differences between Quicken Mac and Windows. Some things are worse or missing in Quicken Mac; some things are better in Quicken Mac; some things are different but neither better nor worse. Only you can ultimately determine whether you'd be happy with Quicken Mac or not, and the best way to find out is to try it... if you have access to a Mac. If you have specific questions, first do a search in this forum to see if you can find a previous thread which addresses your question, and if not, please create a new topic(s) to ask your question(s) and folks here will be happy to help.
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