Incorrect Share Balance

I own a crypto currency where I own more than 100,000,000 units. However when I see the security in my Portfolio view it only lists 100,000,000 units. In addition to showing the incorrect units, this also affects the value of the investment since value = Q * P. Is Quicken planning on fixing this? I'm running R36.23

While I'm on the subject it would be nice if they added more precision on price so that you could enter more values to the right of the decimal place.


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    Hi @jasonhalpern,

    Unfortunately Quicken cannot currently handle more than 11 digits in total, with only up to 6 digits after the decimal place. 

    However, if you've like to make a suggestion to change that you may start a "Product Idea" here in the Quicken community.  Here's a LINK to that section.


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