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    I guess you didn't read the EULA when you installed Quicken Subscription. You could find a copy of Quicken 2017 or 2016 since the data is backwards compatible.
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    Yes, unfortunately this issue has been widely discussed (you can read one thread about it here) since Quicken moved to a subscription pricing model. Originally, they were going to make Quicken become read-only if people didn't renew their subscriptions. After many complaints about this plan, they agreed to allow users to continue using the software manually in return for taking some screen real estate to encourage users to renew. Further complaints to Quicken about the persistent renewal ad have fallen on deaf ears; Quicken management has said they do not plan to change it.

    For what it's worth, you never purchased the software; you purchased a license to use the software. With most subscriptions, once you choose to not renew the subscription, you lose any access to what you subscribed to. If you don't renew a Netflix subscription, you can't view the programs any more; if you don't renew a magazine subscription, you stop getting the magazine. With many software subscriptions as well, once you discontinue your subscription, you can't access your data. (For instance, if I discontinue my Adobe subscription, I can no longer open any of my design files.) Quicken has chosen to implement something less-drastic: if you end you subscription, you can still open your data files, and you can continue to use the software, but with the presence of the renewal ad. Is it better than not being able to use the software at all? Absolutely! Is it annoying? Absolutely! Is it effective at getting people to renew? Quicken executives must think so. 
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    You have the right to vent of course. However this is neither a scam nor any lack of integrity. The word subscription is self explanatory.  We have not purchase it, rather rented the usage right for a finite period.  In fact they are more generous to allow access compared to other software products that we subscribe to where they cut us off completely. And they did inform you what happens it you decide to end your subscription in the EULA. Which reminds me to pay my electricity bill!
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