Quicken for Mac downloads only some brokerage transactions, no support from Quicken

Since the last Quicken for Mac update the program will only download some but not all transactions at a brokerage account. After waiting 15 minutes for chat support I was told the problem was with the brokerage. When I pointed out the problem only occurred after the last Quicken update and that most transactions from that brokerage download I just got repeated messages "Anything else I can help you with."
The written middle finger.
They didn't even let me deny them remotely taking over my computer.
So, in addition to not understanding why Quicken (both Mac and Windows versions) splits a brokerage account into random parts for automatic transaction updates, does anyone know how to fix why one of those random parts will not update transactions but others will? I have tried resetting the download for that section but it always fails.
Quicken for Windows downloads all transactions from that institution, and for whatever reason splits it up differently than Quicken for Mac.


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    I believe only the telephone Quicken Support agents can do the screen share with your Quicken Mac. (They don't use software to take over your computer; it can only view windows for Quicken, and I believe it's view only, so they direct you what to click on without being able to control your Mac.) By doing a screen share session, they can (a) see what you're seeing, (b) ask you to try a few things to see if it fixes or pins down the problem, and (c) pull your log files if they determine it's problem they need to escalate to the connectivity team. 

    As for the actual connectivity problem, it depends on the specific financial institution(s) affected. At every minute of every day, there are some of the 14,000 financial institutions which Quicken supports which have blocked access to Quicken temporarily, or broken Quicken's ability to log in due to website or security protocol changes. Some are resolved within a day or two. Some take weeks or even months; not all financial institutions place a high priority on the extra work they need to do to support their customers on Quicken. And often, Quicken's connectivity provider, Intuit, has to be made aware of the problem and they have to re-write code/scripts for logging and and downloading data. 

    If you care to share the name of the brokerage, fellow Quicken users here might have information to help you. Otherwise, I suggest going through Quicken (telephone) Support to see if any headway can be made with your problem.
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