Automatically Recognizing Deposits

Would it be to much to expect that a register transaction with the Action "Deposit" would automatically make the entry a positive number instead of having to correct it every time?


  • jacobs
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    I don't believe any entry in the Action field causes any changes in Quicken's performance. It's purely an optional field you can use for labels if they help you. I never have the Action field visible in my registers.

    Are the entries you're describing downloaded from a financial institution, or ones you enter manually? 

    I don't know if you'd find it helpful or not, but you can edit your columns to hide the Amount column and add the Payment and Deposits columns. This way, you have two columns instead of one, but all numbers are positive, and it's just a matter of you putting the number int he correct column. I do this for most of my registers. 
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  • ken deemer
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    Thanks. I’ll think about that. People use Quicken differently.
  • jacobs
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    People use Quicken differently.
    Truer words have never been spoken! ;)  

    As someone who has spent a lot of time on this forum since the launch of the modern Quicken Mac seven  years ago, I'm always fascinated to read the different ways people use Quicken to fit their needs. While some are cumbersome work-arounds which seem unnecessary, some are clever or simply the "best available solution" to a problem people are trying to solve. Or just different workflows to suit the way different users want to work with Quicken. That has made me appreciate the flexibility Quicken gives us -- and also a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the program with all the options and preferences people ask the developers to build in. 

    Anyone who assumes that their way is the only way, or what every Quicken user would want, doesn't fully appreciate that "people use Quicken differently." 
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    @jacobs Hi 5 Jacobs. Seems I often read " why are you doing it that way..." comments to questions and comments on some of the links. Very well said and worded. Sometimes we want ideas or suggestions on the way we choose to use it, without the assuption that we're using it incorrectly Thanks!
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