How do you link a loan to an asset?

I have quicken for Mac subscription. Previous Quicken versions that I have used had this feature.


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    I don't believe there is any such feature in the current Quicken Mac. I haven't used such a feature in the past, so please describe a little more what you're trying to accomplish.

    Typically, a loan for a house or a car is a liability which is slowly reduced to zero as the loan is paid off. The balance of the loan has nothing to do with the value of the asset. The value of a car or home, if you choose to enter it in Quicken at all, is what the purchase price was; over time, if you want to adjust the value of the asset based on estimates of what you could sell the home or car for, you could do that with an adjusting entry -- but this isn't hard financial data, only an estimate.

    So what is is that you want to accomplish via linking in Quicken, since the value of the loan and the value of the asset are not linked in real life?
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