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Problem updating to Version 6.4.4

I had a horrible experience when I updated from version 6.4.2 to 6.4.4. The program and/or file conversion messed everything up. Thank God I still had version 6.4.2 and latest QDATA backup file to recover. I am not going to be upgrading beyond version 6.4.2 until Quicken fixes this MAJOR problem which I've never experienced before in my 30 years of using Quicken. BEWARE!!!


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Well, tens of thousands of Quicken Mac users have updated to version 6.4.4 without the problem you encountered. I doubt they're rushing to fix the so-called "major problem" that they don't even know exists; if they knew of a major problem, they would have pulled version 6.4.4 from release.

    That's not saying you didn't have a legitimate problem. Sometimes, something like this is just a fluke. Or perhaps there's something about your data file which is different than almost everyone else's which triggers an previously unknown bug.

    In any case, this is exactly why Quicken creates automatic backups before updates, and defaults to making backups every time you quite the program. Because things can and do go wrong. (Also, hopefully you have Time Machine or a cloud service like iDrive or BackBlaze backing up your Mac, which gives you an extra layer of protection when things go south.)

    My suggestion is to make a fresh backup of your data file, and then try to download and install 6.4.4 again. If it was a fluke the first time, you'll update normally like most Quicken Mac users did, and we'll have to chalk this up as one of those phenomena no one will ever be able to explain. If the same problem recurs the second time, then it would be helpful if you'd take the time to report the problem to Quicken Support, since they can only fix something when they know it's broken.
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  • Zac
    Zac Member
    I guess I'm not int the tens of thousands camp because it was a major headache for me.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Zac said:
    I guess I'm not in the tens of thousands camp because it was a major headache for me.
    @Zac I wrote, "That's not saying you didn't have a legitimate problem." I wasn't ignoring that you had a major problem.

    I was only saying it may not be useful to warn people not to upgrade to the current version because you encountered a problem. Unless there are multiple reports of the same problem, it's not likely affecting a wide number of users. And if you encountered a unique problem, it's not at all clear that the Quicken developers are aware of it or working on fixing it. So I suggested a path to see if you could make the problem recur, so you could report it.
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