Schwab downloaded transactions?

For the first time I downloaded 3 Schwab accounts, holdings and transactions into Quicken. Some of the cost basis info was either missing or inaccurate so I manually made the corrections. My question is... the next time I download info from Schwab will that process overwrite my manually made corrections? Or will it only append my transactions from the date of the last download?


  • splasher
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    Subsequent downloads should never overwrite an existing downloaded transaction, whether you have made changes to the original or not.  At worst, Quicken will present it as a "Match" and if you don't have "auto-enter" turned on, you will have control over that.
    The only instance I have seen of the subsequent overwriting the original was from Discover when they changed the Posting Date and Quicken then suggested it as a match (with different info) to the original download.

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  • Tom Darbie
    Tom Darbie Member ✭✭
    Transaction summary download says 10 Schwab accounts updated with 22 transactions but they are no where to be found in Quicken. What is Quicken doing with these downloaded transactions that they do not show up. This has been going on for several days.