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 I make a payment in the amount of $150.00 and enter it into the payment window and then save it. Next time I open Quicken the payment has switched to deposit. I delete the deposit amount and re-enter it into the payment window and when next I open Quicken it has reverted back to deposit. I have performed validation of my files and no errors were reported. After an hour with tech support, the answer was 'there must be a bug in the program. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
When this happens, any split transactions entered in the register change from black to red with a minus (-) sign in front of the amount (-$23.00) tech support says the amounts should be red because they are deductions, yet any other split transaction shows the amount in black.


  • Tom Young
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    What version of Quicken are you using and what release?
    I'm assuming that the payments you're entering are "online"payments, not "manual" payments you're recording directly in the checking Account register?
    As to your comment on signs associated with dollars shown in splits, the sign of the split amounts is determined by whether the total dollar amount entered in the Account register is in the Payment or Deposit column.  That is, if you have a $150 payment entered in Payment column and split that amount between two expense Categories, those dollar amounts will show as positive (black) numbers.  If the program is switching that $150 amount over the Deposit column, then those two split dollar amounts will show as negative (red) numbers, with a Quicken-determined "balancing" entry shown in black.  Is this what you're describing here?
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    Version R36-38

    Thank you for your reply. After spending an hour with tech support I was so frustrated I didn't express my question very well. I used the word payment which was incorrect. The transaction is for a credit card that includes several purchases one of which is split entry.


    10/20/21  Harmons    10.00 (Groceries

    10/22/21  Chevron      10.00 (Fuel)

    10/23/21  Acme Hardware   15.00 (Yard & Garden)
    10/23/21  Acme Hardware   20.00 (Household)      *******This is a split entry for a total of 35.00

    10/24/21  Joes Appliance   150.00 

    Since there are multiple purchases and a split entry involved the payment column shows a total of 205.00

    I return a purchase to Joes Appliance and he issues a credit for 15.00

    I access the Discover card payee and enter the credit as -150.00 so the payment column should now show a total of 55.00 however; there is no number in the payment column but there is a random number in the deposit column. When I click the checkmark to open the split transactions, all of the 4 entries that total 55.00 now have a minus (-) in front of them and they have turned red. The 150.00 which was previously a minus and displayed as red is now black. Tech support tells me they should be red even tho he had remote control of my computer and could see other entries are always in black. He finally said there was a bug in the program and I would have to wait until it was fixed.

    I then discovered if I removed the credit of 150.00 from the transaction, the remaining transactions returned to black.  When my credit card statement arrives I will have to do some creative bookkeeping because  the amount in my Quicken register will be different than the credit card statement. Tech support said I should create a separate transaction and show the 150.00 as a deposit.

    I'm sure this is all very confusing.
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    "Since there are multiple purchases and a split entry involved the payment column shows a total of 205.00"
    That's backwards, for a credit card account.  Those entries go in the Charge column.

    Then the refund goes in the payment column.

    Do you have your entries going backwards?  These are all manually entered transactions, and things are working properly.
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    Thanks for your help. I've been a Quicken user for 20 years without any problems of this sort and your attachments and comments let me know I was using the program incorrectly. I am surprised I haven't experienced this problem before. You provided a clear solution when an hour with tech support left me frustrated. I appreciate you taking the time to provide a clear, concise solution without all of the technical jargon. Much appreciated.
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