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I run bank, investment and credit accounts in 3 currencies (US, CAD, EUR) -- dual citizenship, traveler and taxation optimizer. There are a lot of cross currency transfers, wires, EFT etc.

Quicken(MAC) US version seems best suited for this BUT it could be a lot better.

Firstly,It would be better if the transfers could be entered as "linked" and referenced to some form of currency exchange table that could be manually or automatically or both updated. That would make downloads and data entry a lot easier.

Secondly, quite apart from getting the transaction loaded/entered, there is no way to report the balance sheet/net worth in a single consolidated view (ie everything in $US or $CAD ). Same for Income and expenses.

Anyone else with this kind of need and thoughts on getting it resolved.


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    Full multi-currency support in Quicken Mac is one of the most-requests features by users. In this long-running thread, there were more than 360 votes before voting was stopped due to the developers marking it as "Planned" for the future. So that's the good news: the developers have committed to building this functionality. The bad news? We have no idea when it will be coming. 
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    Thank You. Sooner rather than later
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