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wmyers Member
I have dual monitors set up as extended. One monitor is 13" with a display setting of 3840x2160 scaled at 250 and the second is a 24" monitor with a display setting of 1920x1200 scaled at 100. I run Quicken on the 24" monitor. Whenever I open Quicken, it resets the second display setting to 800x600 and I have to reset the monitor to use Quicken. Any suggestions on how to fix tis?


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Set the 24" monitor as the main display in the Windows settings.

    Quicken incorrectly looks at the main display to decide on how to size its main window, instead of the display that it is actually on.
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  • Bob Leahy
    Bob Leahy Member
    How do I get rid of the black background? White on black.... schools dropped that ages ago, why did Quicken revive it???
  • @Bob Leahy - I think you are using "Dark Mode" for Quicken Mac.  This is a thread for Quicken Windows, which doesn't have a Dark Mode. 
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