Bank accounts have posted transactions, Update is not working

I have UW Credit Union, Connexus, and Wells Fargo accounts. Up until a few days ago, OneStep Update worked perfectly. For the last week, when running the update, the transactions do not download, so keeping a running balance is a major issue. I have been going to the bank websites and manually entering posted transactions to my register to keep up to date. I have not changed anything in my set up. Suggestions?


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    Hi @tiredofglitches

    Can you give us some additional information so that we can help you? 

    Are you getting any error codes after trying to download activity for these accounts?  Are there any other accounts in your Quicken datafile that ARE downloading correctly? 

    Have you tried to update the accounts individually (rather than through One-Step-Update)? If not, please try that for those problem accounts one-at-a time.

    Do you have a recent backup from a date when the downloads were working?


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  • No error codes. Every account in either bank shows zero transactions. I will try the one at a time approach and report back. I make a backup nearly every day.
  • Tried one account at a time. Still doesn't work. This seemed to have started right after the last update.
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    Please do HELP, About Quicken and tell us what BUILD of Q you're running, and what's your "Membership Valid Thru" date.
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  • I am running the current build. Now an update. I made a transfer in the UW account from savings to checking. I ran the OneStep Update. Nothing. So I decided to delete the download information for that bank and re-entered it. Voilà! I ran the update again and everything posted since October 25, posted. Some of the transactions however were doubled (the last of the October ones, that were already reconciled), but the November ones were all matched. I deleted the offending doubles, and at least in the checking and savings for that bank all seems well. Not sure about Wells Fargo yet, or Connexus. I will work on those later. After I do some other business, I will see what works and what doesn't now. Thanks for the comments.
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