Need a line for RMA direct to charity

michael darab
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I cannot find a good way using Tax Planner to track my RMA direct to charity. Using Tax Planner under adjustment to Income can Quicken add IRA direct to charity? I also have a problem with Withholding. When I do a IRA withdrawn my broker account will list two line in my IRA account one which show the Net amount to my Checking and another which show amount of withholding to the IRS. I set this transaction up as a transfer to an account name IRS taxes with the tax schedule for incoming transfer set to 1099-R IRA Federal tax withheld. But in Planning Tax Center when I go to Withholding under Other Withhold Quicken show the list of my transaction for the current year. But the "Quicken Data [from 2021 is gray out. I cannot find a way for quicken to used the current year.


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