need help entering my expenses after creating a budget

I noticed that the budgeted amounts do not have movements even though i have tried posting expenses. Please i am frustrated and feels like giving up on this app.thx


  • Scooterlam
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    Have you had a look at Quicken's help for budgets?

    Here is a URL to the Budget Help content:

    Pretty good information to help you get started with budgets.  See image 1.

    A quick note and common issue is to be sure that the categories and accounts are selected for your budget.  Otherwise expenses will not show up in the budget.  See image 2.

  • Tom Young
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    You understand, I hope, that expenses (and income) are not recorded as part of the "creating a budget" process.  The creating a budget process involves you selecting Categories that you want to budget for and entering budget amounts (dollars) for each Category.
    Actual expenses (and income) are captured as you do your "accounting" process, recording actual expenses (and income) in your various Quicken Accounts. 
    The accounting process involves entering transactions in your various Quicken Accounts.  In doing this you specify the date of each the transaction, the amount of dollars involved, and how those dollars are distributed across your expense (and income) Categories.  If you've set up your budget properly Quicken will take these "real world" entries and flow them over to the budget with the amounts settling into the  "Actual" column of your budget report.
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