Why Can I Not Download A RRIF Account Via My Bank?

I attempted to download data from an RRIF account, but when I accessed my banking information, the RRIF account could not be seen. I was forced to create the account within my Quicken manually. Any reason as to why this is the case?


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    Hi @TaxationIsTheft

    I suspect that the reason is because the registered "carrier" is not supported by Quicken for downloads.  If it were, it would appear as an option when you try to "connect" the account for downloads in Quicken, just like your bank does.

    I would suggest that you contact your carrier and ask them why they have not signed up with Quicken.


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    Since a RRIF is an investment account there might be a different financial institution name used for downloading it, or it might not be available at all.

    Even though financial institution's combine the banking and investment account information on their websites normally they are in fact separate parts of the  financial institution and work quite differently.

    Given the name of the financial institution one might be able to figure out if there is a different name from the list the Canadian version uses.  This is the online version of the file (I'm not sure if it is the most current):

    You might also want to ask the financial institution if they know what to use as the financial institution name...


    You are using the Windows Canadian version (from your RRIF reference and other posts you have made, and profile).

    Investment accounts can only be Direct Connect or Web Connect in Quicken. Express Web Connect isn't supported.  And as far as I know none of the Canadian "only" financial institutions support Direct Connect.  There are a few "edge cases" where a financial institution is actually US based, but supports Canada on it can overlap/use it, but even in that case it is usually only in USD.

    So most likely the only way to download transactions for that account is to see if they allow you to export a Web Connect/QFX file, and when you open that in your web browser or in Windows File Explorer or with File -> File Import -> Web Connect (.QFX) File... then you should be able to connect that to an account in Quicken (creating that account in the process if needed).
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    Bingo! Just what I thought. [Removed-Disruptive/Speculation/Unhelpful]

    Thank You.
    The Starter version doesn't allow investment accounts at all.

    As for "manual entry" there is still the possibility of downloading and importing a Web Connect/QFX file, but yes it isn't going to be done for you automatically.

    But since you are afraid of any aggregator, I think you have just put yourself into the position that they only place you can get your transaction information is directly from your financial institution using their website/App.
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